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what we do

Many business owners ask: “Do I need a marketing plan?” The answer is an unequivocal YES. A well-planned, well-executed marketing plan expedites business growth, for less time and money spent fumbling in the dark. By identifying whom your ideal customer is, we can plan around that long-term goal for exponential, continued growth. Corporate consulting services are especially valuable for companies without a full-time marketing department; think of us as your off-site marketing department.

Gingerline provides expert graphic design consistent with your company’s branding and visual language. Design is available for a wide variety of formats, including electronic formats like websites, powerpoint presentations and PDFs, to printed physical media like sales kits, corporate folders, flyers, postcards, and print advertisements.

A client or buyer will almost definitely visit your website first, before making any sort of purchase decision. As such, your website is your most important calling card and lead generator. We create beautifully user-friendly, fully responsive websites that look gorgeous whether on desktop, tablet, or smartphones. From attention grabbing single-page landing pages, to heavyweight information centers, we can help you create the perfect website.

We can coordinate your print advertising campaign, all for lower than listed rates. We manage this by extensive negotiating and long-term partnerships with almost all major publications, whether in Canada or the US. With the advent of electronic magazine subscriptions, traditional print advertising is more alive than ever.

Branding decides all external aspects of a company, from customer service protocol, to communications guidelines, to all designs and visual media. Creating and adhering to consistent branding ensures rapid identification and builds long-term brand value. Gingerline can create a comprehensive branding guide for your business, so there will always be a referral point from which to flourish.

Marketing is nothing without analytics, tracking, and ROI measurement. At Gingerline, we understand marketing investments are precious resources, and we provide feedback and updates to you regularly for the entire duration of your project. After your project is complete, we provide a report on the status and result of everything we’ve done, so you can rest easy knowing your marketing dollars have been well spent.